Brown Pencil Checkin' on me?

Anonymous said: hi! hmm.. bakit po ang ganda nyo?

Hahahaha! Hi! Maganda kasi nanay ko. :-)


Anonymous said: hello, CJ! i have question. what does 165 mean to you??

What does 165 means to me? It’s a number. :) HI, NORMAN MALLARI! HAHAHAHA! STALKER!


Hello, HELL WEEK! (>OAo)>

(c) to the original owner of the photo.

PS— I shall blog once again after exam days are done.


Anonymous said: Who is your first and greatest love?

First love. Well, I don’t know if I should drop his name here.. Anyways, he is someone I’ve been friends with since 1st year of HS. Though, we only became close during our 3rd year. So, yeah.. I’ve loved him, but it didn’t really worked out. We didn’t become a couple either. A lot has happened between us during those times, but I’m not bitter anymore. Well, I was at first, but right now, I can definitely say I’ve moved on. I’m really happy and grateful that I get to experience what love is.

OKAY. THAT WAS SO DRAMATIC! Sooo not me. :))


Anonymous said: You and Norman Mallari are not a couple but do you like him? :-)

Hello! Are you still the one who asked about him last time? Hahaha. Anyways, the answer for your question would be a yes? Hmm. I like him but.. I don’t know. I’m still not sure if this “like” is what you think it is. I mean, I’m comfortable with him but I’m still not so sure, really. ASDFGHJKL Haha! Err.. Grabe. Pakilala ka nga muna! HAHAHA! :)))


Anonymous said: may boyfriend ka na ba?:)

Wala pa. Haha! Proud NBSB.. :)))


Anonymous said: What is your relationship with Norman Mallari? Are you a couple now? :-)

Woaaah there! Hahahaha! Okay, so first of all, even though I don’t know who you are, I’m going to answer your question. What is my relationship with him? We’re close friends, and we’re not a couple. :)


Anonymous said: Hey. I saw your account on sound cloud. And I've heard your voice. And I liked it. Can you record a song for me? 12:51 By Krissy and Erika. Thanks! =)

Hey, thank you so much! Okay, I will when I’ve got the time. I’ve been thinking about recording that song anyways. Hahaha! Again, than you. :)

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